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  • Create and Implement Psychometric Measures that Help Integrate Immigrant Groups into Host Countries


Group for Immigrant Resettlement & Assessment (GIRA)

GIRA is a multidisciplinary entity that includes clinical and social psychologists, researchers, career development specialists, leaders of community-based organizations, and additional members who have expertise relevant to immigrants, refugees, and others subject to forced migration. Our group includes those who have expertise in both adult and adolescent populations and who are fluent in Arabic, Spanish, French, and German as well as English. In this context we include persons with experience in psychological assessment & measure development / validation, advanced statistical research methods, public health, career / vocational development, law enforcement, and other arenas.

Romo Books

Romo Books is an imprint created by Drs. Joachim Reimann and Dolores Rodriguez-Reimann. Both immigrants themselves, Joachim and Dolores combine their personal, family, academic, and clinical experiences to provide a first-hand account of the challenges migrants face and the strengths that allow them to overcome such obstacles.

Past Projects

  • Salaam
    Project Salaam was a community health & mental health needs assessment among San Diego’s Middle Eastern and East African populations. In that process it captured the most commonly reported psychological symptoms among persons who had experienced trauma, (or multiple traumas). Results supported the concept of complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorders based on symptom severity among those who had experienced multiple adverse events. This report presents results from an emotional health needs assessment conducted by Project Salaam. It focused on members of greater San Diego’s Middle

  • The Traumatic Event Sequelae Inventory (TESI)
    The Traumatic Event Sequelae Inventory (TESI) is an empirically developed, objective psychological instrument. It is designed to list and quantify symptoms reported by individuals who have been exposed to one or more traumatic events of the type that often lead to posttraumatic stress. Since its initial development by Robert Christopher, Ph.D. in 1995, TESI has been used in multiple situations. These include civilian adults and adolescents, forensic cases, US military personnel who have seen combat (e.g., in Iraq), and culturally distinct groups such as refugees from the broader Middle East /

  • Salud Libre
    Project Salud Libre was an assessment of mental health needs among the mostly rural and largely Mexican American communities in California’s Imperial Valley. The assessment consisted of data gathered through surveys, structured focus groups, and key stakeholder interviews. Activities were conducted in Spanish and English across many locations spanning Imperial County. The surveys compiled demographic, acculturation, mental health symptom, service access and utilization, care preference, and related information. It identified common stressors, psychological responses, prevalent medical

Our Leadership Team

Dolores I. Rodríguez-Reimann

GIRA’s Secretary, was born in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Her family immigrated to the US when she was 15 years old.

Fouad Beylouni

GIRA Consultant, was born in Aleppo, Syria. He is fluent in Arabic and French as well as English. Fouad graduated from Aleppo.

Joachim “Joe” Reimann

GIRA’s President, was born in Berlin, Germany. His family immigrated to the US when he was 10 years old. joachim is a clinical psychologist

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