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The Traumatic Event Sequelae Inventory (TESI)

tesiThe Traumatic Event Sequelae Inventory (TESI) is an empirically developed, objective psychological instrument. It is designed to list and quantify symptoms reported by individuals who have been exposed to one or more traumatic events of the type that often lead to posttraumatic stress. Since its initial development by Robert Christopher, Ph.D. in 1995, TESI has been used in multiple situations. These include civilian adults and adolescents, forensic cases, US military personnel who have seen combat (e.g., in Iraq), and culturally distinct groups such as refugees from the broader Middle East / East African countries. TESI has thus shown itself to be useful across a spectrum of diverse people and circumstances. TESI is available in English and eleven (11) other languages. These are Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, German, Chinese, Farsi, Arabic, Korean, Serbian, and Hebrew. Each was created using standard back-translation and decentering techniques to enhance equivalence across linguistic versions. As to the measure itself, there are three basic versions: those addressing (1) civilian trauma, (2) adolescent trauma, and (3) military trauma. The original validation effort and administration / scoring manual was completed in 1996. Based on the availability of additional data, a second edition of the manual was released in 2016.


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