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Focused Assessment Tools

GIRA’s work includes development of comprehensive inventories that assesses immigrants on essential resettlement dimensions. Such assessment can be used by national and international service organizations, governments, policymakers, NGOs, the private sector, and other stakeholders.

The Successful Immigrant Resettlement Inventory (SIRI)

One current project is the Successful Immigrant Resettlement Inventory (SIRI).  SIRI includes multiple dimensions to create individualized respondent portraits that highlight specific strengths and needs. These include acculturative / psychosocial stressors, psychological and behavioral tendencies, resilience and protective factors, and career development.

SIRI can thus:

  1. help identify viable individualized acculturative paths for immigrants and refugees. This has the potential to foster well-being for both the host country and the immigrant.
  2. identify and help those vulnerable to negative influences so that barriers to success can be overcome.
  3. Develop comprehensive and individualized resettlement plans;
  4. Enhance immigrant and refugees’ quality of life and positive social contributions (e.g., through employability development plans);
  5. Support policy development through aggregate data analysis that identifies the most frequent immigrant needs;
  6. Help employers identify new talent for their organizations.

SIRI will ultimately be computer scored. This will also generate an interpretive profile.

Other Custom Assessment Tools

GIRA is able to develop and statistically validate other assessment tools based on the specific populations and needs that a customer wishes to address.

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