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Romo Books

Romo Books is an imprint created by Drs. Joachim Reimann and Dolores Rodriguez-Reimann. Both immigrants themselves, Joachim and Dolores combine their personal, family, academic, and clinical experiences to provide a first-hand account of the challenges migrants face and the strengths that allow them to overcome such obstacles.


Life Paths to Integration

Immigration presents challenges for both migrants and their new countries. But immigrants can also make vast contributions to their new homes. All of us thus need to understand what will help new arrivals prosper. This book examines relevant topics such as occupation transitions, mental and physical health, cultural adaptation, fostering resilience, and related arenas. It then makes practical suggestions for social service agencies, healthcare providers, employers, and the immigrants themselves. The book is available in English, Spanish, German, and Arabic. Immigrant Concepts is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online, Apple, Ingram, and many other outlets.


Heart, Mind, and Soul

This book describes both the environmental stressors immigrants tend to face and the cultural resilience that helps many overcome such obstacles. It also addresses different kinds of psychological disorders, treatment, provider types, and how to get help when needed. In that process, the book integrates knowledge from research and the authors’ clinical experience.

Forthcoming Title:

Immigrant Health & Wellness

Romo books greatly appreciated the technical and logistic support provided by Mr. David Wogahn at Author Imprints.

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